App Training

The Rank Press X App will help you build a site like quickly and easily – without having to figure out technical stuff…

The site is super-simple on purpose. It uses elements that make it easy for website visitors to take action: Blue underlined links. Pictures. Videos. Nothing “fancy” that will distract them from buying. The site is fully mobile responsive. Everything is built so the site gets some love from Google, and people. 🙂

You will find help links next to each function. That way, you’ll be able to get the help you need “at the right time.”

That said, here are the instructions…

Basic steps to get up and running:

Add a new site
Add the details of your new site
Visit the site’s dashboard
Add a logo to your site
Change the background color of your site
Rename the “Uncategorized” category
Add a new post to your site
Optimize your content

Advanced options:

Automatic SEO module
Get automatic backlinks from social media sites
Add an optin form

Click “Add site” inside your dashboard.

Add the details of your new site:

Site Name: (For example, “360 Camera Reviews”)

Site description: (For example, “We review the latest 360 Cameras”)

Domain: (You can get a domain from any registrar like Namecheap  or Godaddy)

You can also check out the full instructions on adding your domain.

Basically, add the following two CUSTOM nameservers inside your domain registrar for your domain:

If your domain registrar requires an IP address instead, you can use this one:

Your site should be set up in less than a minute.

Then, visit the site’s dashboard:

Add a logo to your site:

Go to: Appearance ==> Header ==> Header Image ==> Add new image

The recommended logo dimensions are 960 X 250 pixels.

Change the background color of your site:

Go to: Appearance ==> Customize ==> Colors ==> Background Color

Rename the “Uncategorized” category:

Your site’s categories will appear at the top navigation menu of your site.

We recommend you rename the “Uncategorized” category to something that fits your site’s content better. For example: “Reviews.”

Add a new post to your site:

Just go to: Posts ==> Add New

Create your content:

Using different types of formats and formatting makes your content interesting for both your visitors and search engines.

Include text AND images – and videos if you.

Include sub-headlines, and links in your content.

Add a featured image:

Turn the MAIN image in your content into a featured image.

Optimize your content:

Use the Yoast SEO module. You can enter the keyword you want to optimize for, and then start tinkering with the content, trying to get as many “green lights” as possible:

Our custom SEO module optimizes your post, so you won’t have to do it manually. You can also optimize hundreds of posts with a few clicks.

If you want to get suggestions for LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords that make your content read more natural, you will need to get a free Bing API key and add it in the Options page of the SEO module:

Clicking the blue “Update and Recalculate SEO Score” or the blue “Publish” buttons will publish your post.

Get automatic backlinks from social media sites:

Below the post’s content area, you will find a link to configure your OnlyWire account.

OnlyWire allows you to automatically syndicate your content to sites like Facebook, and Twitter (and many more, if you decide to get a premium OnlyWire account).

For now, you can just sign up for a free OnlyWire account. Then, set up the social media sites you want inside your account (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

After you get your username and password, you can click the “Click here to configure OnlyWire account” link, and enter your credentials. Done!

Add an optin form to your site:

Adding an optin form will allow you to get the emails of your visitors. That way, you will be able to send them helpful emails that also presell your favorite affiliate programs. You build a win-win relationship.

First, click the “Optin Forms” tab on the left-hand-side menu in your dashboard:

We will keep updating the training, based on the questions from customers. If you need help with something, just ask! 🙂